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Now more than ever, Canada and Commonwealth regions have a responsibility to cultivate ethical, analytical, and responsible leaders.

As a registered Canadian charity, we bring together diverse leaders from arts, education, environment, indigenous communities, unions, private and public sectors, public health, and civil society organizations. 

The Duke of Edinburgh Commonwealth Study Conferences Canada Inc. programs focus on critical thinkingemotional intelligence, and technology deployment helps enable leaders to make positive change within local and global communities.

Guided by Commonwealth values, a community of peers

  • Gain in-field experience working with diverse entrepreneurs and executives, learning about leadership strategies and management of major organizational issues
  • Collaborate in group challenges to test skills, assumptions and gain insights; and
  • Join a growing network of alumni members who act as mentors and funders

From our Alumni

I am enlivened to work toward advancing my community culturally, environmentally and economically. I feel emboldened to navigate the waters of the unknown because of my participation ...”

- Adonis Trujillo, 2017 Alumnus 

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