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Thandi Williams

Director of Operations and Deputy Private Secretary, The Office of the Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia

Thandi Williams serves the Office of the Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia as Director of Operations and Deputy Private Secretary. There, she leads meaningful change to contemporize the office, while preserving its unique heritage and traditions for future generations. Her work focuses on areas of finance, estate planning and maintenance, volunteer engagement, protocol, and hospitality.

A veteran of the Royal Canadian Navy from 1997-2015, Thandi gained progressive leadership experience while serving at sea, working in naval training establishments, and while participating in military exercises and operations.

To show support for her community, Thandi is a volunteer board member with Bridges for Women, a gutsy organization that supports women impacted by violence and abuse.

Thandi earned a Bachelor of Commerce and Entrepreneurial Management from Royal Roads University in 2008 and is presently planning the next step of her life-long educational journey.

A Toronto native, Thandi is fascinated by British Columbia's picturesque landscape and has become an avid hiker since moving to the province in 2001.

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